There are seven quick tips for getting your home market ready and ultimately SOLD!

      SELECT THE RIGHT AGENT: Your husband’s cousin’s sister may have a license, but you need to pick an experienced full time agent with the budget and tech-savvy know-how to get the job done right. – Helpful Hint: Contact The Carnes-Hyatt Group for an interview. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll get a full team of experienced professionals working for you. Plus, we have great commission rates!
    PRICE IT RIGHT FROM THE START: Everyone wants the most out of their home. So do we! And we work hard to get it. However, pricing the home outside the realm of reality based on comps and condition is not a good way to get started. Many over-priced homes typically sell months later for lower prices after all your competition has sold. This can cost you time and money. Pricing it right from the get-go is key. - Helpful Hint: We’ll work with you to get it right from the start. We’ve presented thousands of pricing opinions over the years and we know how to get you every dollar possible.
    STAGE ROOMS: Homes show the best when the rooms are staged as they are intended. Pool tables in the dining room or empty bedrooms are not the best way to “wow” a buyer. Clean, decluttered rooms can make a big difference and really help show off each room.
    CURB APPEAL: The exterior of your home is your first impression on a buyer. Clean gutters, make sure your lawn is cut and edged, and have flower beds looking fresh and neat. If anything needs to be painted, get it painted. You don’t want to turn off a buyer before they enter the front door. - Helpful Hint: Your home’s exterior photo is typically the very first impression a buyer will see. We want it to look so great that they can’t resist clicking on it to see more!
    FRESH AND CLEAN: After your rooms are staged with the right furniture, make sure they are organized and de-cluttered. Store boxes of knick-knacks in the garage or a storage unit. Make the rooms look inviting and larger. Lighter earth-tone or neutral paint colors can help tremendously. Make sure the home smells fresh. Also, deep clean the house. Dust and stains make selling a strain!
     GREAT LISTING PHOTOS: If your agent doesn’t have high quality equipment or use a professional photographer, get a different agent. Pictures are your first impression online, and 99% of your buyers are likely to start their home search there. Dark, blurry photos or drive-by smart phone pictures will not cut it. - Helpful Hint: Our team doesn’t compromise when it comes to photos. If we don’t think we can make your home shine with our cameras and equipment, we hire a professional!
    MAKE IT EASY TO SHOW: Most agents are pretty good at getting showings set up a day in advance, but many times they allow their clients to dictate their time and struggle to set up last minute showings. Be as flexible as possible. The day you leave the house a wreck is the day everyone will want to see it. If feasible, take your pets on a little road trip during showings, or have them secured in the garage. And whenever possible, have the alarm disarmed. Alarms are the bane of the showing agent’s existence.

These are the basics, but obviously there’s much more to selling a home than the tips above. When you’re ready to get your home sold, our team can guide you through the easiest and most cost effective ways to get your home ready, and ultimately get you to the closing table. Call us anytime.